My love of music started in my grandmother’s kitchen, where she’d sing all the old Irish songs as she cooked. When I was 12 she gave me my first guitar and being a typical teen my taste in music moved on to rock, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and joining garage bands. My break into the big time came at 14 playing All My Loving at a youth club.

standing in the yard
Music was put aside in my early thirties for career and family. In my mid forties I realized how much I missed playing and singing so I again joined up with some local bands playing everything from rock to blues. After several years the fun of loud amplified music wore out and my taste shifted to the softer sounds of an acoustic guitar.

I went back to my Irish and folk roots and over the years added covers of some of my favorite artists like Jimmy McCarty, Christie Moore and John Prine.
In 2013 I immigrated from the Netherlands to the United States where I now reside in Alabama and of course that introduced me to country music.

My performances now cover a wide range of mellow, story telling songs that blend the old with the new all done in my own style but, don’t be surprised if you hear a little Pink Floyd coming out of the speakers now and then.